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What is Caspanish?

Keith and Judy decided to get married in the Spring of 2015. They looked at dozens of caterers for their wedding. Not one of them was affordable or offered the varied menu they were seeking. Keith is Trinidadian American and Judy is Puerto Rican and Dominican. They wanted a reception spread that included each of their favorite foods reflecting their Caribbean American backgrounds. After much conversation, they decided to cater their own wedding reception! Their wedding guests were shocked and in awe of the couple's menu choices. By winter, family and friends were calling to get another taste of their favorite foods from the wedding.


Our son Deion is CaSpanish. He is the face of our business. CaSpanish was Deion's mispronunciation of the word Spanish as a toddler but it perfectly describes our food. When you support CaSpanish you are supporting Deion, his future and the legacy we hope to help him to create.


CaSpanish is homestyle Spanish cuisine with a Trinidadian twist. We sell gourmet empanadas, potato balls, rasta pasta and roti with the customer’s choice of meat and/ or vegetable filling. Additionally, we serve traditional Spanish and Caribbean dishes as well as fusions.

Our vision is to emphasize cultural similarities, promote engagement with others, and foster strong, diverse communities.

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