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CaSpanish Caters a Wedding

It was an honor and a privilege to cater Caspanics Ilana and Reuben's wedding reception this weekend. Keith and I catered our own wedding 6 years ago and officially started CaSpanish 5 years ago. Few businesses last this long, even fewer marriages these days. So from our family to yours we wish you guys nothing but the very best. May all of your days be filled with love, joy and happiness. On the menu: Barbecue Chicken wingettes, Mojito steak, Sauteed Veggies, Shrimp Mac, Rasta Pasta, sweet plantains, rice and peas, Morro, Cauliflower bites, veggie empanadas, chicken and cheese empanadas, and beef empanadas. #work #cheffin #lovethis #caspanish #caribbean #love #celebrate #blackbusiness #food #eat #beautiful #bronx #wedding

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